The course aims to provide an adequate knowledge of the scientific contents of Earth Sciences. Teaching objectives of the course are the acquisition of basic knowledge on lithogenetic environments and regional tectonics, including methodological skills for the cartographic representation of geological information. Teaching objectives are also the acquisition of specific skills regarding the concepts of natural hazard (endogenous and exogenous), vulnerability and risk, with particular reference to the Italian territory. A part of the course will also be dedicated to the study of the planet Earth within the Solar System. All the course contents will enclose a view to environmental sustainability through the concept of planet Earth as an integrated system. The course also has the objective, through laboratory activities dedicated to the lithogenetic cycle and reading and interpretation of geological maps, to let students acquire the skills to reconstruct the paleo-environmental and geological history of an region, as well as the understanding and interpretation of three-dimensional geological structures. Finally, the educational excursions will allow, through direct experience on the field, to elaborate the concepts and knowledge acquired during the course.