20702412 - PALEOGRAPHY

The student will have an advanced knowledge of the history of both Greek and Latin writing, having examined the main scripts of ancient, medieval and modern times.
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Mutuazione: 20702412 PALEOGRAFIA in Lettere L-10 AMMIRATI SERENA


The course aims to address the study of Latin and Greek scripts of ancient, late antique, medieval and early modern times, with particular regard to their value for historical and philological studies. In this regard, both book and document scripts will be examined, illustrating the genesis and historical events of all the main Greek and Latin scripts (also in their use in vernacular manuscripts). The module aims to provide an advanced preparation in the analysis of scripts, accompanied by historical and cultural knowledge useful for the correct interpretation of manuscript testimonies.
This course includes both the examination of reproductions of codices and documents and the direct examination of manuscripts through visits to archives and libraries. Knowledge of classical languages is recommended, but not mandatory. An appointment with the lecturer is necessary for any special cases.

Core Documentation

The examination will include knowledge of the materials distributed during the lectures (in printed and electronic format) and exercises. The study of:

• D. Bianconi-E. Crisci-P. Degni (a c. di), Paleografia greca, Roma, Carocci, 2021 (due capitoli: I e II oppure III + IV);
• P. Cherubini, La scrittura latina: storia, forme, usi, Roma, Carocci, 2019;
P. Cherubini - A. Pratesi, Paleografia latina. L'avventura grafica del mondo occidentale, Città del Vaticano 2010 (capitoli indicati a lezione);
• A. Petrucci, Prima lezione di paleografia, Roma – Bari, Laterza, 2002 (Universale, 811).

Type of delivery of the course



your choice

Type of evaluation

Verification of the reading of the examination texts; reading and commentary of a reproduction of one or more manuscripts; verification of knowledge of technical terminology.