The course aims to provide a basic knowledge of the main events and problems of the history of the Catholic Church in the contemporary age, also in relation to other Christian religious denominations, paying particular attention to the spatial-temporal collocation of the topics covered, to the terminology proper to the discipline and to the meaning and role of the main religious institutions, initiating the critical reading of documentary sources and the understanding of historiographical debates.
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Mutuazione: 20702496 STORIA DELLA CHIESA in Lettere L-10 CANDIDO FEDERICA


Main topics discussed:
- French Revolution and Christianity;
- Napoleon's religious policy;
- Consalvism;
- The attitudes of the Catholic world in the age of the Restoration;
- Vatican Council I;
- Leo XIII;
- Pius X and the condemnation of the modern world;
- the Church and political modernities: fascism (in Italy and Europe), communism
- the crisis of intransigent culture in the second half of the 20th century and the Second Vatican Council.
Two lectures will also be dedicated to the in-depth study of the methodology of gender studies and women's history through some case studies and some models of female religiosity in Southern Italy at the end of the 19th century (Marianna Farnararo, Caterina Volpicelli).

Core Documentation

Attending Students:
- Lecture notes
- Dossier of sources and handouts provided by the professor.
In parallel, I recommend reading "History of the Church", vol. 4, edited by D. Menozzi, EDB, Bologna 2019.
Further studies and research will be recommended during the lectures.
Non-attending students (please contact the professor by email):
"Storia del cristianesimo", vol. 4: L’età contemporanea (secoli XIX-XXI), a cura di Giovanni Vian, Roma, Carocci 2015 (capp. 1-6);

And one book of your choice from:

G. Miccoli, Fra mito della cristianità e secolarizzazione, Marietti, Casale Monferrato 10985.
D. Menozzi, La Chiesa cattolica e la secolarizzazione, Einaudi, Torino 1993.
G. Rocca, Donne religiose, contributo a una storia della condizione femminile in Italia, Paoline, Roma 1992.
G. Alberigo, Breve storia del concilio Vaticano II, Il Mulino, Bologna 2005.