20703152 - GREEK HISTORY I

The student will acquire a good textbook knowledge of general Greek history from its origins to Alexander the Great and will be introduced to the problems and methods of analysis inherent in the various types of historical documentation (literary, epigraphic, archaeological, numismatic).
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Mutuazione: 20703152 STORIA GRECA I in Lettere L-10 FABIANI ROBERTA


The course aims to offer by lectures an introduction to Greek history, from the Bronze Age to the early Hellenistic Age.
Chronological and geographical framework, political and social institutions, political and cultural history will be presented. Students will be also introduced to the problems and the methods of analysis of the different kinds of historical sources (literary, epigraphic, numismatic, archaeological ones).

Core Documentation

A) M. BETTALLI – A.L. D’AGATA – A. MAGNETTO, Storia Greca, Roma, Carocci Editore, 2013 (entire book).
B) M. BETTALLI, Introduzione alla storiografia greca, Roma, Carocci, 2009, pp. 47-61; 67-91 (Herodotus and Thucydides).
C) Reading of a book at own choice of the “Histories” of Herodotus and of a book at own choice of “The Peloponnesian War” of Thucydides.
D) Well-detailed maps of the Greek world (Continental Greec, Asia Minor, Aegean Sea and Aegean islands, Straits area, Propontis, Black Sea, Magna Graecia, Sicily, and other hellenised areas of the Mediterranaean Sea). Such maps can be found in any historical Atlas (for instance Atlante Storico De Agostini, Novara 2003) or on the web.

Students unable to attend the course have to read furthermore:

E) M. Giangiulio, Democrazie greche. Atene, Sicilia, Magna Grecia, Roma 2015.

Type of delivery of the course

Frontal lessons, in presence.


Optional, but strongly recommended

Type of evaluation

Oral examination.