basic knowledge and understanding of the history of contemporary art in its chronological development (19th-20th century); ability to read works of art; ability to communicate the acquired notions orally
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The course of History of Modern Art (i.e. 19th and 20th centuries) is part of the degree program in Archaeology and Art History. As part of the three-year course, the course aims to provide:
1) a basic knowledge of the main trends and manifestations of Western art in the 19th and 20th centuries;
2) the skills to contextualize, analyze and critically interpret the works of artists who worked in this chronological span;
3) the lexical and conceptual tools necessary for the study of contemporary art history and useful for acquiring good expository skills.
The course will focus both on artworks and major tendencies in western modern art (mainly – but not exclusively – painting and sculpture) from the French Revolution to the end of XXth century.

Core Documentation

12 CFU
– C. Bertelli, La storia dell’arte, Bruno Mondadori Arte, Milano-Torino 2011, vol 4. Dal Barocco all’Art Nouveau (dall’unità 23 all’unità 26 comprese); vol. 5, Novecento e oltre, per intero.
– one text of your choice from the following:
F. Rovati, L’arte dell’Ottocento, Einaudi, Torino 2017;
A. Del Puppo, Arte contemporanea. Tra le due guerre, Carocci, Roma 2021;
C. Zambianchi, Arte contemporanea. Dall’espressionismo astratto alla pop art, Carocci, Roma 2011.
Students who do not attend classes are encouraged to integrate their preparation with the study of F. Rovati, L’arte del primo Novecento, Einaudi, Torino 2015.

Type of delivery of the course

A series of lectures will be complemented by group discussion focusing on critical examination of a number of pictures. Visits to the public collections of modern art are also planned.

Type of evaluation

The exam consists of two portions: first an exercise of connoisseurship, focusing on an artwork shown during the lectures, then a short series of questions to assess students preparation.