Knowledge of the historical and historiographical evens of photographic culture in Europe and the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries; knowledge of the events related to the main photographic collections; ability to read the photographic image from a technical, historical and intertextual point of view; ability to understand the developments of photographic language in the larger context of figurative culture; ability to investigate photography’s role in the documentation of artistic practices.
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Mutuazione: 20709150 STORIA DELLA FOTOGRAFIA in Storia, territorio e società globale L-42 FRONGIA ANTONELLO


This lecture class offers an introduction to the history of photographic languages, practices, and cultures from the medium’s birth to WWI. Lectures will focus on the close reading of different types of photographic texts (including individual images, series, photo-texts, books, and exhibitions) and will discuss case studies associated with the crucial moments in the medium's affirmation as an intellectual and artistic field.
Teaching assistant: dr. Adele Milozzi (adele.milozzi@uniroma3.it)

Core Documentation

Regular students

For the final exam, students are responsible for the following text, including all photographs and artworks reproduced therein:
► A. Gunthert, M. Poivert (a cura di), Storia della fotografia dalle origini ai giorni nostri, Electa, Milano, 2009, pp. 1–355.

Distant learning

For the final exam, certified "distant learning students" are required to study the following texts, including all photographs and artworks reproduced therein:
► A. Gunthert, M. Poivert eds, Storia della fotografia dalle origini ai giorni nostri, Milan: Electa, 2009, pp. 1-355;
► W. Guadagnini, ed., La fotografia. Le origini 1839-1890, Geneve-Milan: Skira, 2011, pp. 34-111, 144-199, 200-225, 226-277;
► M. Mozzo, "Note sulla documentazione fotografica in Italia nella seconda metà dell’Ottocento, tra tutela, restauro e catalogazione", in Arti e storia nel Medioevo, vol. IV, Il Medioevo al passato e al presente, ed. by E. Castelnuovo and G. Sergi, Turin: Einaudi, 2004, pp. 847-870.
D. Levi, "Da Cavalcaselle a Venturi. La documentazione fotografica della pittura tra connoisseurship e tutela", in Gli archivi fotografici delle Soprintendenze. Tutela e storia. Territori veneti e limitrofi, ed. by A. M. Spiazzi, L. Majoli, C. Giudici, Crocetta di Montello: Terraferma, 2010, pp. 23-33.

Type of delivery of the course

Class lectures and reading seminars. Regular attendance is strongly advised.


In class.

Type of evaluation

For regular students, the final examination will cover all the materials discussed in class and the required bibliography. Attendance and participation will also be considered. For students who cannot attend the class and are registered for distant learning, the final examination will cover the required bibliography (Gunthert/Poivert, Guadagnini, Mozzo, Levi). In any case, students are advised to attend at least the initial classes and/or meet the instructor during office hours after you have gained sufficient knowledge of the assigned texts. All the required texts (books and essays) and the materials discussed in class will be accessible on our Teams channel until the end of classes, but they will be automatically deleted afterwards. All the required readings will be available for the entire academic year (open shelf) at the Art history library “Luigi Grassi” (piazza della Repubblica 10, first floor).