20710156 - Archeologia e Storia dell'Arte Greca

basic knowledge and understanding of the archeology and history of Greek art, of specific subjects of the discipline through the analysis of the main monuments and the most significant figurative production along a chronological arc that from the VIII century BC continues until it continues until the fifth century AD;. ability to communicate information and ideas orally; knowledge of specific subjects of the discipline, ability to communicate information and ideas to specialist and non-specialist interlocutors
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The course aims to analyze the figurative art, monumental achievements and urban planning of the Greek world in the centuries from the twelfth to the first century. B.C. in their social, political, and cultural context, with thematic insights. A few hours will be reserved to the pottery production system, from the Archaic to the Hellenistic age.

Core Documentation

At your choosing from:
Enzo Lippolis, Giorgio Rocco, Archeologia greca, Cultura, società, politica e produzione, Torino, Milano, Bruno Mondadori 2011.
Giorgio Bejor, Marina Castoldi, Claudia Lambrugo, Arte greca: dal decimo al primo secolo a. C., Milano, Mondadori Università, 2008
J.G. Pedley, Arte e archeologia greca, Roma, Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato, 2005.

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Type of evaluation

oral exam