20710491 - Digital Preservation in Archives

The objective of the course is to provide students with the cognitive tools to grasp the similarities and differences between analog archives, digital archives and hybrid archives; to assess how the use of technologies has changed traditional archival production and preservation systems; and to analyze the opportunities offered by information technology and modern communication channels in archival preservation and enhancement processes.
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Mutuazione: 20710491 Archivistica digitale in Storia, territorio e società globale L-42 PITTELLA RAFFAELE ANTONIO COSIMO


The course examines the following topics: - fundamental concepts of record-keeping in a digital environment; - record management systems; - preservation in a digital environment; - the Codice dell’amministrazione digitale; - archival description standards; - archives and the WEB. Seminars and meetings with experts are also planned.

Core Documentation

- Giorgetta Bonfiglio-Dosio, Primi passi nel mondo degli archivi. Temi e testi per la formazione archivistica di primo livello. Quinta edizione, Padova, Cleup, 2023.
- Stefano Vitali, La ricerca archivistica sul web, in Il web e gli studi storici. Guida critica all'uso della rete, a cura di Rolando Minuti, Roma, Carocci, 2015

Students who do not attend lessons will also study:
- S. VITALI, Passato digitale. Le fonti dello storico nell'era del computer, Milano, B. Mondadori, 2004


Attending lessons is recommended.

Type of evaluation

Expected knowledge and skills will be verified through an oral interview with questions, which may also include the discussion of specific case experiences. The preparation will be considered adequate (with a mark expressed in thirtieths), if students make an adequate presentation of the topics covered during the course, using appropriate terminology, demonstrating that he has been able to critically elaborate the different topics examined.