20711195 - Cultura scritta nel Mondo Antico

The student will have historical knowledge of the different ways in which written texts were produced in the Greek and Roman worlds, and will also be able to correctly relate the types of texts to the material supports that handed them down.
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Mutuazione: 20711195 Cultura scritta nel Mondo Antico in Lettere L-10 FRESSURA MARCO


The course consists of an introduction to the study of written culture in the Ancient World, with particular reference to the Latin and (pre-Roman and Roman) Greek cultural milieu up to the 7th century AD. A historical, typological and archaeological framework will be traced about tools and materials in use for writing, forms of the book and document, techniques of literary and documentary text composition, with a nod also to the exposed writing practices of epigraphic and other fields. To complement the theoretical discourse, a number of exemplary written testimonies will be examined from the point of view of their forms and contents.

Core Documentation

L. Del Corso, Il libro nel mondo antico, Carocci, Roma 2022

Plus, one of the following:

A. Buonopane, Manuale di epigrafia latina, Carocci, Roma 2020
G. Cavallo, La scrittura greca e latina dei papiri. Una introduzione, Serra, Pisa-Roma 2008
G. Cavallo, Scrivere e leggere nella città antica, Carocci, Roma 2019
L. Del Corso, La lettura nel mondo ellenistico, Laterza, Roma-Bari 2005
M. Maniaci, Breve storia del libro manoscritto, Carocci, Roma 2019
O. Pecere, Roma antica e il testo, Laterza, Roma-Bari 2010

Type of delivery of the course

36 hours, 6 CFU, II semester The course will take place in presence.


Students who cannot attend the course are requested to get in touch with the teacher before taking their exam.

Type of evaluation

Students will be asked to answer questions related to the books indicated in the bibliography and other materials given during the course.