Introduce to the analysis of the social construction of space. Provide tools and concepts to help you interpret collaborative and competitive dynamics in the use of space.
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Mutuazione: 20710420 DIDATTICA DELLA GEOGRAFIA in Storia e società LM-84 GALLIA ARTURO


The course of Didactics of Geography, addressing the main issues concerning the learning / teaching processes of geography, highlights the relationships between research and disciplinary teaching and identifies methodologies and didactic tools capable of promoting in students an appropriate use of vocabulary and categories interpretative of the discipline in order to be able to understand and contextualize the environmental and anthropic characteristics of the territory.
Topics of the course: Geographic knowledge in teaching and research; Developing geographical skills; Geographical education, territorial education; Agenda 2030; Geography teaching in schools and universities; National guidelines and textbooks; Geotechnology and teaching; Simulation of didactic units.

Core Documentation

• De Vecchis G., Pasquinelli d'Allegra D & Pesaresi C., Didattica della Geografia, Utet, 2020.
• Giorda C. (a cura di), L’immagine del mondo nella geografia dei bambini. Una ricerca sui materiali scolastici e parascolastici italiani fra Otto e Novecento, Franco Angeli, 2021 (Available in open access: https://series.francoangeli.it/index.php/oa/catalog/book/683)
• Papers suggested by Professor.