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Mutuazione: 21810334 ANTROPOLOGIA DELLA GLOBALIZZAZIONE in Politiche per la Sicurezza Globale: Ambiente, Energia e Conflitti LM-52 A - Z FUSASCHI MICHELA


The course introduces students to the anthropological concepts and methods in understanding cultural diversity ( culture/s, fieldwork, ethnicity, gender, migrations, transnationalism and globalization) . The course examines globalisation's social and cultural dynamics in a second part, drawing on anthropological theory and ethnographic case studies.

Core Documentation

1. Michela Fusaschi, 2018, Corpo non si nasce, si diventa. Antropo-logiche di genere nella globalizzazione, Cisu, Roma
2. Michela Fusaschi, Gendered genital modifications in critical anthropology: from discourses on FGM/C to new technologies in the sex/gender system. Nature, Int J Impot Res (2022). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41443-022-00542-y

Please choose one of the books from this list :

1. Giovanna Cavatorta, 2018, Tornare è tuo dovere. Etnografie, genere e capitali in Senegal, Cisu, Roma

2. Sally Engle Merry, The Seductions of Quantification, Measuring Human Rights Gender Violence and Sex Trafficking. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 2016 (in PDF nei materiali Teams ).

3. Arjun Appadurai, Alexander Neta, Fallimento, Raffaello Cortina Editore, Milano, 2020.

4. Francesca Casafina, La memoria vivida. Corpi, genere e violenza in Colombia (1990-2020) , Nova Delphi Libri, Roma 2021 .

Type of delivery of the course

Seminar lectures with the use of ethnographic videos are planned. The presence and active participation of students are essential


No mandatory

Type of evaluation

For the students attending: 1 - finale exam based on open questions or written text . The final grade: 80% on the written tests ; 20% on attendance and active participation during classes . Students who do not attend will have to take an oral examination (max 20 minutes).