20702459 - PALEOGRAPHY L.M.

The student will have an advanced knowledge of the history of both Greek and Latin script, after examining the main scripts of ancient, medieval and modern times, by taking a seminar course devoted to a specific palaeographic topic.


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Mutuazione: 20702459 PALEOGRAFIA L.M. in Storia dell'arte LM-89 AMMIRATI SERENA


The course aims to address the study of the characteristics of Latin and Greek manuscripts, with particular regard to their value for philological and historical-cultural studies. In this regard, both the external characteristics of manuscripts will be examined (material techniques for the preparation of the book as a physical object, methods and tools for its preparation, with regard to the professional figures involved in the production process), and the cultural panorama of the times and places of origin of manuscript books. Therefore, each aspect will be illustrated by choosing a reference manuscript witness.
This course will include both the examination of reproductions of manuscripts, in paper and electronic format, and the direct examination of manuscripts and writing materials, through visits to archives and libraries.

Core Documentation

The final exam will include the knowledge of the material provided during lessons and the discussion of one subject which the student will decide to study in depth. In addition students are required to study the following texts:
• M. Maniaci, Breve storia del libro manoscritto, Roma, Carocci, 2019;
• M. L. Agati, Il libro manoscritto da Oriente a Occidente. Per una codicologia comparata, L’Erma di Bretschneider, Roma 2009 (a selection of chapters);
• M. Cursi, Le forme del libro. Dalla tavoletta cerata all’e-book, Il Mulino, Bologna 2016, cap. III (pp. 97-160);
• Two articles among those presented during the course.

Type of delivery of the course

traditional and remote



Type of evaluation

Verification of the reading of the examination texts; reading and commentary of a reproduction of one or more manuscripts; verification of knowledge of technical terminology.

Mutuazione: 20702459 PALEOGRAFIA L.M. in Italianistica LM-14 (docente da definire)