20710649 - The United Nations 2030 Agenda and the revitalization of marginal areas

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Mutuazione: 20710649 L’Agenda 2030 delle Nazioni Unite e la rivitalizzazione delle aree marginali in Scienze umane per l'ambiente LM-1 DUMONT ISABELLE


This workshop aims to be an introduction to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and will be structured in two parts, one more theoretical and one more applied.
The first part will give a general presentation of the 2030 Agenda, its origins, signatory and non-signatory countries (etc.) but above all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals commonly known as the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda will be examined. Ample space will be devoted to the critical discussion of the structure of the Agenda and of the links between its various objectives, both in terms of complementarity and in terms of possible contradictions.
The second part will then explore some of the Agenda's objectives, with a particular focus on the revitalization of marginal areas. Depending on the specific interests and/or the chosen study plans, questions will be asked about the "dimensions" of the marginality of people and geographical areas and about the various forms of exploitation that can arise from them. This analysis can be conducted both in Italy and in other European countries or on other continents.
At the same time, those who follow the workshop will be guided in the collective creation of audiovisual products, to promote the dissemination of the research carried out.

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Identification of material during the laboratory.

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The lessons are frontal and and co-participated.


Attendance is obligatory.

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The evaluation is based on the quality of the research project carried out.