European and International Research Office

European and International Research Office coordinates the following activities:

  • management of communication tools dedicated to national and international research and organization of informative events
  • scouting of funding opportunities and partnerships
  • matching between the research profiles of the departments and the international financing opportunities
  • support for the definition of project abstracts and for the preparation and presentation of the project proposals
  • assistance and support in the formulation of forecast budgets
  • monitoring of the assessment phases of the European Community and support in the signature fase of the Agreement
  • assistance and support in the negotiation phase
  • study and analysis of the financial guidelines of European research programs and support for the development of complex projects
  • assistance and support for external audit activities
  • assistance and support in promoting the establishment of academic spin-offs
  • protection of intellectual and industrial property and transfer of results: management of the University’s patent portfolio

Information details

Address Via Ostiense, 133 00154 Roma, room B5.07
Telephone 06 57332590/2347
Fax 06 57332409
Person in charge
Link identifier #identifier__33408-1Salvatore TRICOLI
Staff Link identifier #identifier__110727-2Maria Cristina PIERAZZI
Link identifier #identifier__164001-3Francesco FERRACCI


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