Student Accommodation

The University refers to the Link identifier #identifier__78007-3University Colleges of Merit , an association which supports Italian Universities accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, offering more than just residential services, encouraging educational activities. The admission to housing arrangements is based on merit only, for further information on the calls and their deadlines please consult the websites of the individual colleges. In Rome, there are several managing bodies of the University Colleges of Merit, find out more on the following link:  Link identifier #identifier__53693-4partnered structures. Among these:
Link identifier #identifier__41737-5RUI Foundation (International University Residences) provides housing arrangements to Italian and foreign students. RUI has three residences in Rome, two of which are located near Roma Tre:

  • RUI, male’s residence located in the EUR district, via Sierra Nevada 10 (subway station “Laurentina”);
  • RUI Porta Nevia, women’s residence, located in the EUR district, via Laurentina 86Q (subway station “Marconi”);
  • RUI Celimontano, women’s residence, located in Castro Pretorio district, via Palestro 7 (subway station “Castro Pretorio”).

You should apply on the platform ”My College” on Rui’s website, calls start from mid-April and relate to the following academic year, tailored fees for foreign students.

Housing platforms

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