Orientation Office

The Orientation Office handles the incoming orientation activities and develops through different actions the University Orientation policy in collaboration  with the Rector’s Delegate for Orientation Policies and theLink identifier #identifier__176184-1 GLOA (Working Group for University Orientation). It manages the relations between secondary schools and Roma Tre University. It coordinates and carries out activities for students, such as theLink identifier #identifier__134963-2 self-guidance project and the pre-orientation Link identifier #identifier__179166-3University Open Days and participates in orientation events held at the University, such asLink identifier #identifier__133918-4 Orientation at Roma Tre, or externally such as, among others, the Link identifier #identifier__60414-5Student Fair . In addition, it also provides information on Degree Courses and enrolment and application procedures. The Orientation Office is responsible for draftingLink identifier #identifier__167217-6 Academic Offer Guides and other publications on the course catalogue (study programmes, brochures, etc..) and the Link identifier #identifier__156418-7Orientation Newsletter.

Information details
Address Via Ostiense 133 – 00154 Roma
Telephone 06 57332353 – 2327 – 2816
Fax 06 57332480
Email ufficio.orientamento@uniroma3.it
Staff Raffaella MIRABILELink identifier #identifier__103439-10Valentina CAVALLETTI,  Link identifier #identifier__58178-11Gessica CUSCUNÁLink identifier #identifier__125138-12Valentina GALLORO
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