“Porta Futuro” University Network

Link identifier #identifier__186351-1 ” Porta Futuro” University Network   is a project by Link identifier #identifier__133806-2Lazio Region, public and free, designed in collaboration with the Roma Tre University, in which all the existing placement services of the university (Job Placement, internships and apprenticeships, university job centre) are integrated to allow all students and citizens to grow from a professional point of view, through consultancy and training services, in order to get a better position on the job market.

Supplementary services available in the Roma Tre PFRU circuit

  • Reception: users are guided and supported during the registration phase and all services available are clearly explained.
  • Career Guidance: the orientation includes the exploration of aptitudes, talents, expectations and individual abilities to reach professional goals.
  • Competence balance: it is a tool that helps candidates discover and strengthen their skills.
  • Training: Citizens can analyse and develop their transversal and technical skills integrating them with the competences acquired during their studies.
  • Labour Advice: Citizens and companies can analyse the contents of recent reforms relating to work.
  • Software Empowerment: it is an advanced system of matching professional supply and demand.
  • National and European Mobility: the objective of the service  is to encourage the culture of mobility for training and professional purposes.
  • Recruiting events: they are meant to facilitate the work of matching supply and demand between companies and students /citizens looking for a job.
  • Future Funds: loans between five thousand and twenty-five thousand euro for everybody, especially for young people, those financially in need, and underprivileged workers.
  • Generations: it is the set of initiatives for young people to create new job opportunities, knowledge and development.
  • I’ll be back soon: it is the programme that finances projects presented by young students or graduates between 18 and 35 years of age, organised in integrated paths of high vocational training and experience in the world of work, in international and national contexts.
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