Assessment Unit

The university’s Assessment Unit is responsible for:

  • Verifying the quality and efficiency of the educational offering and research activities.
  • Verifying the suitability of the scientific and professional curricula of the highly qualified experts holding teaching contracts.
  • Evaluating administrative departments and technical, administrative and librarian staff, in order to promote merit and improve organizational and individual performance.
  • Carrying out any other duty required by current legislation and university regulations.

For the composition and documentation of the Assessment Unit of Roma Tre University, please consult the Italian section of this website.

Assessment Unit Activities

The university’s Assessment Unit collaborates with all actors involved in the Quality Assurance (QA) System to encourage an increasingly broader and shared assessment and continuous improvement process.

Accordingly, the Assessment Unit is committed to widely disseminating the culture of assessment, which involves the analysis of results and of the actions  used to obtain those results, as well as the identification of proprer activities to improve both.

In the perspective of an increasingly integrated and systemic assessment of the university’s activities, the Assessment Unit is implementing various targeted actions.

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Assessment Unit Support Office
Via Ostiense, 161 – 00154, Rome
Tel.: (+39) 0657332304
Fax: (+39) 0657332155

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