Student Council

The Student Council is an autonomous student body which promotes students’ participation and the co-ordinates student representatives among the University central government bodies as well as in the University teaching, research and service units. The Student Council promotes and manages national and international relations with student representatives of other Universities.
The Student Council is made up of student representatives elected in the Academic Senate,  in the Board of Trustees, in the Management Board of the Regional Authority for the Right to Study  and in the board of the University internal units so that each disciplinary area (referred to in Article 14, paragraph 10 of the Statute) is represented by two students, one representative of PhD students and twenty student representatives elected by the student body as a whole.

The proceedings for appointing and election procedures, the incompatibilities as well as the electoral  are governed for each foreseen representation by the specific regulations for the elections of student representatives in the bodies of Roma Tre University.

The duration of the Student Council’s election mandate is two academic years.
The Student Council elects its President among its members.


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