20709722 - iconography of theater and dance

The course aims to study the lines of convergence between visual arts and documentary images as a representational ground for the performing arts, by focusing on factual episodes of the dialogue between photography and dance.
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The course investigates the relationship between scene and image in some twentieth-century experiences with reference to the influence of past art in modern depictions of theater and dance. Drawings dedicated to the body in motion and those related to space and light will be observed, interrogating the images of theater as testimonies or as projects and visions. A special focus will be devoted to photographic images and commercial and artistic collaborations between performers and photographers by examining the technical and aesthetic peculiarities of the two languages and the artistic and cultural characteristics of their relationships.

Core Documentation

- Samantha Marenzi, Immagini di danza. Fotografia e arte del movimento nel primo Novecento, Editoria & Spettacolo, Spoleto 2018.
- Grafie del corpo#2. Atti del convegno sui rapporti tra fotografia e scena, a cura di Samantha Marenzi, Simona Silvestri, Francesca Pietrisanti, Giordana Citti, Officine Libri, Roma 2023.
- Dossier. Le fotografie nei libri di danza nei primi decenni del Novecento, a cura di Samantha Marenzi, «Teatro e Storia», n. 41, 2022.
- Adolphe Appia, Attore, musica e scena, Imola, Cue Press 2015

Type of delivery of the course

According to University guidelines, the course may be conducted not only in the traditional mode but also at a distance

Type of evaluation

Oral exam