20710401 - Tv Format and storytelling Laboratory

The main gaol of this laboratory is to explore the golden rules of TV storytelling, working on the analysis of TV formats.
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How do you write a television format? How do you analyze a program created from a format? What is the relationship between format and TV genres? Do the formats also work for seriality? Why do people watch the same programs all over the world, from The Wheel of Fortune to Masterchef, from All you need is love to LOL? In the laboratory these questions will be addressed, with constant reference to the international television production. The laboratory provides practice in writing a paper format and the running order of a Tv Show.

Core Documentation

Fiacco, Axel, Unscripted Formats. Teoria e pratica dei programmi televisivi globali. Castelvecchi, 2021

Reference Bibliography


Type of delivery of the course

Frontal teaching and visit to tv studios. Meeting and networking with professionals


Attendance is compulsory. Only 3 hours of absence will be allowed on the whole number of hours. Students are asked to actively participate during the meetings.

Type of evaluation

Attendance Evaluation of the project. Pitch of the project.