The course aims to address the specificity of contemporary screenwriting for the series, as they have been the primary narrative model in the last two decades thanks to multiple storylines and complex narratives. The course focuses on specific case studies and analyzes some of the main narrative genres used in contemporary serial narratives, the practices of cross-media worldbuilding, and the transformations that occurred in writing the individual trajectories and subjects' configuration.

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The course aims to depict at first the industrial and stylistic context of contemporary serial production in Italy and other countries. Then, it will address the ideation and various writing models for the serial narratives. The course will focus especially on the writing of the pilot, the development of the characters, and narrative arches and trajectories. The classes will address specific case studies, both in Italian and English, to better explain the writing issues. Part of the course could be dedicated to workshop activities and creative writing practices.

Core Documentation

Filippo Losito, "Scrivere una serie. La narrazione seriale", UTET, Milano 2022
Collection of essays.
The final syllabus, with the complete bibliography and filmography and all the information about the course, will be published at the beginning of the course.

Reference Bibliography

The teacher can give other bibliographic references during classes.

Type of delivery of the course

36 hours of frontal lessons


The course will be held in presence; attendance is not mandatory.

Type of evaluation

The students have to write a paper according to the directions given by the teacher in class and send it before the day of the oral exam. The written exam then consists of a few open questions.