The training objective of the Reportage workshop is to delve into the history of investigative journalism, through the technical, aesthetic, and political analysis of two famous reportages. Students will also experience, firsthand, the design and writing of their own reportage, on a topic agreed with the professor, to be developed in synergy with the group of colleagues in the course. The workshop is thus divided into two parts: after an initial phase of in-depth historical and stylistic study on reportage, as a hybrid form straddling journalism, photography, and literature, we will move on to the assignment of individual work. The learning outcome involves the writing of an individual reportage and its eventual publication on the Stori3 website. During the workshop, meetings with reporters, photojournalists and investigative journalists are planned.
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Writing a reportage: history of the genre, technical analysis of writing; planning and devising.

Core Documentation

C. Vogler, Il viaggio dell'eroe. La struttura del mito ad uso di scrittori di narrativa e di cinema, Dino Audino, Roma 2010
C.Giunta, Come non scrivere. Consigli ed esempi da seguire, trappole e scemenze da evitare quando si scrive in italiano, Utet, Milano 2018

Type of delivery of the course

Lectures; individual and group work


The work of planning and writing the report involves continuous discussion with the lecturer and the group of colleagues.

Type of evaluation

evaluation of the reportage