20110224 - Sicurezza dei consumatori

-With this course it aims to offer students a study that tends to enrich and develop skills that will allow them to effectively know the legislation on consumer protection (in particular on product safety and health protection), skills and studies that will be useful for future professional careers;
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The matter on "consumer safety" is divided by placing the consumer, in the plurality of figures, at the center of economic reality, with constant attention also to the legislation of constitutional rank.
The Consumer Code is analyzed, from sources to information obligations, to the figure of the consumer in the digital market, to unfair commercial practices, to the formation of the contract and withdrawal, to the unfair clauses, guarantees in the sale, online and distance contracts, contracts with financial intermediaries, the consumer - debtor, producer liability and product safety, class actions, alternative methods of dispute resolution, to move on to the analysis of specific contractual figures (package travel agreement, timeshare, credit agreement, the sale of consumer goods).

Core Documentation

- “Diritto dei consumatori” di Andrea Barenghi, Editore Cedam- Wolters Kluwer, Ed. II, 2021, pages 1-699 (with precise indication, of the number of recommended pages, during the lessons);

- "Consumatori e mercato” di Alessandro di Majo, in Collana directed by Guido Alpa, “Temi di Diritto Privato e di Diritto Pubblico”, Giuffrè Editore, 2017, pages 1-126;

The study of the texts indicated above will be integrated with the consultation of a Civil Code (recommended: "Codice Civile”, edited by Adolfo di Majo, Editore Giuffrè, LI edition, 25 july 2022)