20110493 - Informatica giuridica e profili etici e sociali dell’IA

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The course aims to provide an overview of the main ethical and social issues arising from the use of artificial intelligence applications in legal contexts, such as: contract formation and fulfillment, profiling of individuals who intend to access public and private services, uses in the judiciary, or for the adoption of administrative measures, the impact on the way of work, political rights and democratic participation. For these types of contexts, the impact of artificial intelligence-based decisions on constituzioibal values such as equality, dignity, personal autonomy, and democracy will be assessed.

Core Documentation

G. Sartor, L'intelligenza artificiale e il diritto, Giappichelli, Torino, 2022

Type of delivery of the course

presential lectures, which will include also activities of student involvement with individual and group reports and research to be presented in class

Type of evaluation

oral exam