20802129 - Fundamentals of Business and Accounting for students of Engineering

The main goal of the course is to drive the engineering students through the organization of the firms, by defining their logical boundaries and their main characteristics. At the end of the lessons, the students are expected to be able to know the institutional matters of the firms (both profit oriented and not for profit), their objectives and the main ways they have to pursue in order achieve their own goals.
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Economia aziendale: organizations and firms. The business context. Business strategy and value creation. Corporate governance and its institutional pillars. Business organizations and business combination. Internal control systems. General purpose annual reports objective and financial reporting assumptions and principles.

Core Documentation

Avallone et al. (2022). Lessons of Business Administration and Accounting. Giappichelli, Turin.

Reference Bibliography

Zanda, G. (2015). Fondamenti di Economia Aziendale. Giappichelli, Torino. Onida P. (2008 Ristampa). Economia d'azienda. Wolters Kluwer Italia, Milanofiori Assago (MI).

Type of delivery of the course

Traditional lectures.


Attendance is strongly suggested

Type of evaluation

The exam is written and oral. The written test consists of three questions.