To know the interconnections between Work Organization, Organizational Development and Human Resources Management, with particular attention to Lifelong Learning and CVET and be able to apply this knowledge to different professional contexts.
To acquire open-minded and critical attitudes towards continuing changes in organizational life, enhancing the ability in analyzing scenarios and recognize which factors could modify the role and the professional practices of CVET in enterprises, both in the brief and long term.
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➢ Historical evolution of organizational studies: theories of organization and development of organizational models
➢ From the concept of organization as a "machine" to new explanatory paradigms (cognitive and cultural approaches)
➢ The relationship between individual and organization: attunements and antinomies
➢ The people in the contexts of production and the dynamics of collaboration and competition. Elements of Human Resource Management
➢ Variables strategic organizational systems: training, communication and evaluation. In particular: the evolution of the concept of communication in business organizations.
➢ The training process: analysis of needs and planning of interventions; implementation of the training plan and evaluation of the activities with respect to the objectives
Lifelong learning adult education: theories and practices in corporate organizations

Core Documentation

Benini R., Dafano F. (2020), The Right Place – Eurilink University Press, Roma (Part II: Human Factor and its evolutionary management, from pag. 107 to pag 282);

Dafano F. (2014), Individual and Organization: suggestions and interpretation keys, Aracne Editrice, Roma (excluding chapter IV "Human communication and individual experience in the organizational dimension and VI" Integrity ");

Dafano F. edited by Cecchini G. (2020) Lessons of Organization– Teaching text, made available by the teacher;

Suggested texts to expand the preparation (optional):

- Knowles M. (1996), Adult education as autobiography. The path of an educator between experience and ideas, Raffaello Cortina, Milan

- Cocozza A. (2009), Diversity management and enhancement of human resources, Working Papers Nuovi Lavori, rivista quadrimestrale n. 2, anno II del 22 Dicembre 2009.

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Type of delivery of the course

In the event of an extension of the health emergency from COVID-19, all the provisions governing the methods of carrying out teaching activities and student evaluation will be implemented. In particular, the following methods will be applied: frontal lesson and thematic study groups.

Type of evaluation

The exam will take place through an oral exam