The pedagogical reflexion is rooted in the philosophical tradition of educational sciences. Nevertherless the practical involvemnt of educators in the field is nowadays more and more demanding.
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The situation of educators in some European countries will be presented. The course provides knowledge and skills on the specificity of pedagogical consultancy and accompaniment in the educational field.
Students will be introduced to the methodology of Intervention Research or Action Research and the use of a participatory approach in socio-educational contexts also in light of projects conducted in the field.

Second semester
Students analyze film and cases and bring themselves issues based on their personal and professional educational experiences. They participate in consultancy simulations, first in dyads, under the supervision of the teacher and then in triads (client, consultant and observer).

Core Documentation

Bronfenbrenner U. Rendere umani gli esseri umani
Negri S. La consulenza pedagogica Carocci
Olivieri F. Le professioni educative in Italia e in Europa. Percorsi di pedagogia Professionale. Ed. Il Papavero.
Allegri Palmieri Zucca Il colloquio nel servizio sociale Carocci
Pulcini E. Le passioni tra cura e giustizia
Cohen- Emerique Il metodo degli shock culturali ; MAnuale di formazione per il lavoro sociale e umanitario

Film da visionare: due a scelta tra
Si può fare
La pazza gioia
Le invisibili

English speaking students and German French and Spanish students should contact the lecturer

Type of delivery of the course

if possible lessons will take place at the university or on line, depending on the current health regulations

Type of evaluation

The exam is oral and held in the faculty in presence In case of a new health emergency from COVID-19, all the provisions governing the methods of carrying out teaching activities and student evaluation will be implemented. The oral exam will focus on the topics of the texts. The knowledge acquired concerning the authors covered and the topics raised by them will be evaluated. The students' ability to critically elaborate what they have read and learned and experienced (Erasmus student are kindly invited to participate to the lessons) also be examined.