Amongst the main shifting objectivies of the course on "Social History of Education" is that of history of education from the abstractness of pedagogical theories to the reality of the subject involved in the educational processes. Such discpline is, indeed, a new frontier the historical and pedagogical researches, grounded on new methodologies and new sources, and aims at understending the actual everiday life of childood, of man, of women, of persons that have of very different educational models.
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The social history of Education Courses's program is focused on the role of education in history with special reference to issues concerning gender (men and women) and social status differences . Special attention will be devoted to the history of family, including the social roles and the educational models that have been devoleped therein. Based on alternative sources, such as diaries biographies and autobiographies and correspondences, will be reconstructing not only the debate on education but also the real life experiences of the subjects involved in educational processes.

Core Documentation

G. Lombardo Radice, Lezioni di didattica e ricordi di esperienza magistrale, a cura di L. Cantatore, Edizioni Conoscenza, Roma 2022.
G. Chiosso, L'educazione degli italiani. Laicità, progresso e nazione nel primo Novecento, Il Mulino, Bologna 2019.
I. Baccini, La mia vita. Ricordi autobiografici, a cura di L. Cantatore, Unicopli, Milano 2004.
Students are expected to show a good knowledge of the history of Italy from Unification to the advent of fascism. This can be achieved by studying any secondary school contemporary history textbook.

Type of delivery of the course

Lectures in class, reading of texts in class, multimedia support. The course takes place in the second semester.The course will take place in the second semester, from March 2023

Type of evaluation

In the case of an extension of the health emergency from COVID-19, all the provisions governing the assessment methods of the students will be implemented. In particular, the following procedure will be applied: oral exam on Teams.