20705170 - Political Communication

The course aims to provide students with the knowledge and critical tools to understand the ongoing changes in the models and forms of participation in the modern public arena, resulting from the increasingly close interaction between the political system and its actors on the one hand and the media and communication system on the other. Part of the course is devoted to the study of iconographic, aesthetic and symbolic propaganda materials and the development of the critical skills necessary for their analysis and contextualisation.
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Mutuazione: 20705170 COMUNICAZIONE POLITICA in Cinema, televisione e produzione multimediale LM-65 N0 NOVELLI EDOARDO


The 2023/2024 political communication course, in addition to the traditional fields of study, has an important moment of study and research in the European elections of May 2024.
The first part of the course is dedicated to the transformations within the modern public and political scene and to the most relevant theoretical contributions to political communication. The main areas of transformation of Italian political communication and its actors and the evolution of electoral campaigns will be examined.
The second part, dedicated to visual politics, analyzes the history and evolution of political graphics and aesthetic codes of Italian political propaganda from 1945 to today and the contacts and influences with the main artistic currents. This part includes the analysis and study of new aesthetics related to the spread of digital communication and the use of social networks.
On the occasion of the 2024 European elections, which will be held simultaneously with the course, students will be able to be involved in monitoring the electoral campaign and in meetings and workshops on the theme of the European elections.
An integral part of the course is the viewing and analysis of a wide range of original audiovisual propaganda materials such as films, commercials, television programs, posters, and web cards, which constitute teaching materials and the subject of examination.

Core Documentation

The texts of the course will be communicated at the beginning of the lessons

Type of delivery of the course

Frontal teaching and classroom analysis of audiovisual materials

Type of evaluation

The exam includes an oral test aimed at assessing the knowledge of the program and the exam texts and the acquisition of theoretical and critical skills.