Support for entrepreneurship & startups

Roma Tre University’s Dock3 – The Startup Lab is the new free startup training, entrepreneurship and open-innovation course for students, graduates and professionals. Every year, the project selects 100 students, researchers and graduates from all the departments of the university and elsewhere to form over 20 multidisciplinary teams and work on developing and assessing the potential and market interest of just as many innovative ideas. Finalists then present their final idea to a jury of 50 investors, entrepreneurs and managers, and an general audience of over 350 people. The 3 final winners gain access to Dock3Sprint, 4 months of incubation resources, offering them an incredible opportunity to create their own product or service and take it to market. Runners-up, on the other hand, take home an unrivalled baggage of soft skills and personal and professional relations developed over the 3 months of the course. More information is available on the Link identifier #identifier__98996-1project website. Contact: Link identifier

Lazio Region’s Startup Lazio Project

On a trial basis, Porta Futuro Lazio is offering a specialist support service for all those interested in starting a company. For more information, visit the Link identifier #identifier__100608-3Company Startup page on the Porta Futuro Lazio website.

Government guidebook regarding development incentives:

Selfie Employment Programme in support of youth entrepreneurship:

Further information is available in Link identifier #identifier__189866-4the Italian version.

Ugo Attisani 04 October 2022