Placement and career services

Link identifier #identifier__19030-2Career orientation & CVs

Roma Tre University, in cooperation with Lazio Region’s project Link identifier #identifier__145736-3Porta Futuro Lazio, supports job placement of students and graduates through career guidance, CV check-up and other several services.

Roma Tre University has a role of promoter, giving the opportunity to those who obtained a degree in the last 12 months to carry out an extracurricular training and work orientation internship.

Link identifier #identifier__138468-7Employment & placement opportunities

Roma Tre University promotes job opportunities  in line with the profile of its graduates through a mailing list and job posting system.

Link identifier #identifier__752-9Career Days

With a view to facilitating the meeting between graduates and the world of work, Roma Tre University organizes Career Days and recruiting events.

Link identifier #identifier__38988-11Professional training and enhancement of employment

Roma Tre University, in order to increase employment among its graduates, promotes meetings aimed at improving soft and transferable skills and acquiring valuable tools to aid in job placement.

Link identifier #identifier__165648-13Support for entrepreneurship & startups

Roma Tre University supports  through Dock3,  students, researchers and graduates willing to looking to test their skills and validate a business project.

Link identifier #identifier__113026-15Certification and Counselling

The Certification commission provides consulting qualified services in the drafting of the work contract, ensuring high quality standards and legal certainty between the parties.

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