Certification and Counselling

The Certificate Commission operates since 2011 in the Department of Economics, it is enrolled in the Ministerial Register of University Certification Commissions with d.m. of 14 March 2011 of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies. (D.D. 25 of 24 March 2014). The Commission is  exclusively composed by university professors of the University of Roma Tre and other Italian universities, as well as professionals and experts in labour law and it has a territorial jurisdiction at national level.

The Commission provides consulting qualified services in the drafting of the contract, together with the check and certification of the formal and substantive regularity of acts and contracts, ensuring high quality standards and legal certainty between the parties.

The advantages of the certification for employees and companies are not restricted to the civil profile, it covers as well administrative, social security and fiscal areas, ensuring the enforceability of acts and contracts to the administrative authority, particularly the Inspection bodies (Ispettorato del lavoro, INPS).

In this respect, certification prevents legal proceedings concerning the qualification of the contractual relationship, so that both parties or third parties who have an interest can appeal to the court only for lack of consent, incorrect qualification of the contractual relationship or for  differences between the certified negotiating programme and its subsequent implementation.

The Certificate Commission also deals with:

  • Certification of contracts in which is directly or indirectly deduced a work performance
  • Agreements and Conciliation of labour disputes in a protected location and arbitration solution of disputes
  • Transmission of electronic forms and consensual resolutions
  • Job modification agreements
  • Resignation and Resolutions
  • Permanent Forum of Labour Professionals
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All the information can be found in the Link identifier #identifier__14945-2official page of the Commission (italian version).

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