Help Desk Employment Contract

The “Help desk employment contract” is a new service of the Certificate Commission for employment contracts of Roma Tre.
It provides its students and graduates with a free support service in order to verify the regularity of employment contracts signed or about to be signed by students or recent graduates (within 12 months following graduation) of Roma Tre.
The Certificate Commission is available to verify employment contracts and collaboration proposals for a more aware entry in the job market.
The service is carried out on line.

To access the service or for further information please contact: Link identifier

The request shall specify the degree programme or for graduates the year of achievement of the degree and a copy of the contract for which assistance is requested.
The service only applies to regularity check of contracts that students or recent graduates have signed or are about to sign.

The Help Desk doesn’t support on vocational guidance or job placement.

For further information on Placement services please refer to the Career Service on Roma Tre web site.


Ugo Attisani 04 May 2021