Postgraduate courses

At Roma Tre University students can enroll in Post-graduate courses, Specialisation courses, Professional and continuing education courses, State Exams and the Specialisation School for Legal Professions.

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Postgraduate courses

These are advance education courses structured in I or II level according to the required entry qualification: I level post-graduate courses can be attended by students holding a Bachelor’s Degree ; II level post-graduate courses by students holding a Master’s Degree or a Single Cycle Course Degree. They generally are one-year programmes  (60 ECTS). At the end of the course, a post-graduate certificate is awarded.

Specialisation Courses

These are advance education training courses aimed at developing specific professional skills and can be attended by students holding  a university degree. They usually have a duration of less than one year and involve the assignment of a variable number of ECTS (generally less than 60), At the end of the course, a completion certificate is awarded.

Professional and continuing education courses

They concern professional and continuing education training and are accessible if holding a high school diploma. At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance is issued.

Specialisation School for Legal Professions

The School has the aim of fostering a mind-set of attitudes and competences, theories and practices that characterise the professionalism of ordinary magistrates, lawyers and notaries, also with reference to the growing international integration of legislation and legal systems and modern source techniques.
The School, which can be accessed through a national call for application, , has a two-year duration for a total of 120 ECTS.
The School is organised in a common year followed by a judicial-forensic and a notarial path.
The specialisation diploma is awarded after passing a final test consisting of a written dissertation on interdisciplinary subjects with a score expressed on a 60-point scale.
According to the Ministerial Decree 475/2001 the specialisation diploma can be evaluated as a part of the one-year mandatory practice to access lawyer and notary professions.
According to Law 262/2004, which contains urgent provisions on accessing competitions for judicial recorders, those handling a specialisation diploma in a legal discipline after completing a not less than 2 year-course at a specialisation school are excluded from the pre-selection process.


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