3D Printing in Architecture

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3D Printing in Architecture

3D Printing in Architecture
Rethinking building construction through the lens of additive manufacturing

27-29th september 2022
Ex-Mattatoio, via Aldo Manuzio 68L, Department of Architecture Roma Tre University

day 01 
Lecture, course introduction. 
Group formation and kick off teamwork. "End of the day" concept presentation

day 02 
Group work (with feedback)

day 03 
3D printing of the design. 
Group work and final presentation

Referrers: Martino Hutz (TUM), Adolfo F. L. Baratta, Laura Calcagnini and Stefano Converso (Roma Tre University)

Applications, on the appropriate form, must be submitted by September 24, 2022 via e-mail (laura.calcagnini@uniroma3.it) with the subject li ne "Candidatura 3D"

The course language will be in English and is worth 1 university credit (ECTS/CFU). A solid Software know how is required (ldeally Rhino3 D but al so comparable 3 D Software is sufficient). The number of students is limited to 16 in groups of two. 

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