Degree course:EDUCATIONAL SCIENCE A.A. 2023/2024

ADULT EDUCATION - 22910085Third yearFirst semester9M-PED/01ITA
Aesthetics - 22910040Second yearSecond semester6M-FIL/04ITA
Cultural and social Anthropology - 22910091Third yearSecond semester6M-DEA/01ITA
Development of psychology - 22910037Second yearSecond semester9M-PSI/04ITA
Didattica generale - 22910022First yearFirst semester9M-PED/03ITA
EDUCATIONAL EXPERIMENTATION - 22910304Third yearSecond semester9M-PED/04ITA
Exsperimental pedagogy - 22910034Second yearFirst semester9M-PED/04ITA
General Sociology - 22910090Third yearSecond semester9SPS/07ITA
Hystory of philosophy - 22910035Second yearSecond semester6M-FIL/06ITA
INTERCULTURAL EDUCATION - 22910032Second yearFirst semester9M-PED/01ITA
Informatica - 22910027First yearFirst semester6INF/01ITA
Library and information science - 22910088Third yearFirst semester6M-STO/08ITA
Lingua francese - 22910024First yearSecond semester9L-LIN/04ITA
Lingua inglese - 22910025First yearSecond semester9L-LIN/12ITA
Methods and techniques of writing in education - 22910086Third yearSecond semester9M-PED/04ITA
Moral philosophy - 22910036Second yearFirst semester6M-FIL/03ITA
Pedagogia generale - 22910020First yearFirst semester9M-PED/01ITA
Psicologia generale - 22910023First yearSecond semester9M-PSI/01ITA
Reading didattics - 22910087Third yearFirst semester9M-PED/03ITA
SPECIAL EDUCATION - 22910033Second yearFirst semester9M-PED/03ITA
Social psychology - 22910038Second yearFirst semester6M-PSI/05ITA
Sociology of organizations - 22910089Third yearSecond semester6SPS/09ITA
Statistics - 22910039Second yearSecond semester9SECS-S/01ITA
Storia contemporanea - 22910026First yearSecond semester9M-STO/04ITA
Storia della Pedagogia - 22910021First yearSecond semester9M-PED/02ITA
Training - 22910092Third yearSecond semester10MultiploITA
Training - 22910092Third yearFirst semester10MultiploITA
prova finale - 22910093Third yearSecond semester5ITA